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WebMO Support Forum
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Expand/Collapse TopicWebMO Installation
Expand/Collapse TopicRunning WebMO Jobs
Login Screen
Network connection refused when trying to log in
Internet Explorer gives "enable cookies" error message...
Problems building a molecule
JAVA Support
Job Manager
Job Queue does not work
I get "Daemon not started; queue empty"; What do i do?...
Distribution of jobs in a cluster
WebMO does recognize when job is complete
Submitted Jobs aren't calculated (Queue is not processed)...
Kill Running Job Loses Old Job Links
Job Queue Question
Job time stays at 0.0 until job complete.
Submitting jobs remotelhy
The daemon never starts on localhost
Users deleting Jobs
Use multiple CPU cores
WebMO Demo Job Manager screen is missing buttons
Job Queue fills up, but never executes.
Changing refresh rate in job mgr. possible?
Is there a maximum allowed value for "Time"?
Getting an error when trying to view coordinate scan
Quantum Espresso 5.1.1
NWChem failed job showing up as complete
NWChem Time not updated
Psi4 jobs always report failure when psi4 says "exiting s...
Multiprocessor job queued forever
WebMO PBS qsub: cannot connect to server
External batch submission failing (SLURM)
Jobs remain queued until complete
Build Molecule
Editor Doesn't Work in Windows 2000
Importing a previously created molecular structure
Editor Doesn't Work in Mac OS X
Editor doesn't work in Mozilla in Red Hat
Issues with firefox/javascript
How do you build an acetic acid dimer?
Bond Lengths Not Showing up
New job using this geometry: stopped working after upgrade
Dummy atoms
Webmo 9 import and export
Not able to Create a new job
Create one new structure from two different imported stru...
Delete bond without deleting atoms
Javascript problems on Mac - Safari 5.1, Firefox 6, v12.0...
Triplet calculations
Error using Clean up
Problems Running Routine Test Calcuations
Bonding Fragments
Application Error ClassNotFoundException
"Application Blocked By Security Settings" error
Proper symmetry on iOS app
"Symmetrize molecule" failure
Java problems under Linux
V 15 - where is symmetry testing function?
Lookup Molecule Problems (Ongoing)
Tiny build menu font
Merging molecules from multiple jobs into a new job
Selection only cleanup not working
How to add more than 9 atoms in unit cell?
Build Molecule not displaying - WebMO 19.0.009e
Choose Engine
Computational Packages
Multi-threading in Psi4 (v 14)
MOPAC is not working
Gaussian16 stuck in the queue
Job Options
Submitting a gamess-job sends sigterm to server.
GAMESS-- Increase MEMORY for specific job
Can I use Spartan?
Transition state optimization
Submitting Gaussian 03 job failed to run
Modify Default Job Options
Z-matrix editor, gamess
NBO Calculations in GAMESS?
Job Options (GAMESS) DFT functional grayed out
NWChem NMR problem and solution
Making Gaussian additional keywords default
Gamess error finding MCP data files
Gaussian requested 2 cpus, PBS script contains only 1
WebMO / MOPAC 2009 theory selection
Nwchem Windows problem
Fixing atom coordinates
GAMESS semiempirical jobs on multicore processor
MOPAC and GAMESS Geometry Optimization Failing
Additional Force Fields in Tinker
Tinker conformational analysis
Geometry optimization
Changing PBS options
Dihedral rotation
Coordinate Scan fail for very small distance
NWChem won't run parallel job
Problems with Gaussian 09 saddle calculation in v. 17
WB97X-D calculation with Q-Chem
Saddle calculation won't run
Job Options won't run using "localhost" web address...
Configure ... Job Options - Preview
Can I create my own Gaussian "Composite" method
View Results
Multi job template output
Displaying Bonds
Jobs fail for cyclic trihydrogen
Simple molecules failing in GAMESS and MOPAC
Viewing vibrational frequencies
Odd results when specifying symmetry in GAMESS
Electrostatic potentials?
DDI arguments
Problem with PCGAMESS
Failed GAMESS jobs
Triplet Oxygen MOs
Multi-step job completion
Exporting molecule file with charges info
IR spectrum of HBr
Orientation of exported molecule
Viewing Raman Spectra
Jobs failing immediately using GAMESS
GAMESS I/O error
Viewing Vibrational Data and Molecular Orbitals
Strange GAMESS output
Displaying charge labels
Linux browsers problem
Vibration frequencies reporting errors for MOPAC and GAMESS?
IPad client crashes on opening Psi4 results
MOPAC 2012 "animate scan" not working (v. 14.0)...
Saving Data or Images from WebMO JAR
Dipole vector
Viewing Gaussian09 log files
Bond angle selection by boxing the atoms
Firefly Orbitals
Preferences for viewing results
"IR Spectrum" label misplaced?
NMR Results Visualization
Spherical atoms
Gaussian Job Failing
Data Viewer not working in 17.0.012
Using the Adjust tool on Gaussian scan intermediates
G09 dihedral scan - energy entries blank
G09 job fail - but job finished correctly
Unable to view NRM results from Orca
Where ares others ORCA output files?
View Molecular Orbitals
MOViewer on Win98
MOViewer on Mac OS X
Electrostatic Potential of SO3
Elpot on chlorinated hydrocarbons
HOMO & LUMO: Property Map to Isosurface
Mo viewer
HOMO & LUMO in MOViewer
Viewing beta spin orbitals
Error on Page
Visualizing Molecules with Linear Dependencies
View MOs in a ZINDO UV/Vis calculation
Nonsensical values in Calculated Quantities
MOPAC2012 electrostatic potential
Java update 65 breaks MO viewing
Gaussian Single Occupancy of MOs
"Insufficient memory" message after viewing 12 MOs
MOs not displaying
Point group symmetries on water
Excited state electrostatic potential map
Save .fchk file
Change Opacity in WebMO 17
Cannot change defaults for orbital view
Orbital surfaces cut off
ESP plot for CH3Cl2 defaults to 13000 max
MO's not showing under calculated quantities
View Spectra
Jupyter Notebooks
Importing Gaussian jobs
Running parallel GAMESS jobs
Gamess freq calc shows 'failed' though rawoutput is OK...
Running WebMO Jobs in NQS: Software error
Can't get a proper Gamess run... setup?
Choosing PBS batch queue
Import job issues
DDI Kick error Mac OS 10.4
MOPAC 2007
Geometry Sequence
Lone Pairs
Gaussian basis sets
Slow calculation
IRC Calculations
Exited States and MO(or Atomic) Surfaces
Gaussian Geom Optimization
Trouble running GAMESS...
Job Templates
CGI open of tmpfile: Permission denied
Trouble with IRC calculation
How are electrostatic potentials calculated
MOLPRO license issue
gaussian.cgi: Argument "" isn't numeric
Buffer allocation failed in ntrext1
GAMESS ddikick problem
WinGAMESS 2011
Firefly error on webmo 13.0
Symmetry app stalls
MOPAC 2012 on WebMO 13.010
GAMESS 2010 Failure
NWChem 6.0 problem
Gaussian Job with Multicore processor
NWChem 6.1.1 running - but leaves >12 GB of files
NWChem 6.1.1 - Webmo 13 - SGE
Internet Explorer 10
Java Plugin Version 7 Update 51 Blocking WebMO Applets
Java 7 Update 45: error: no molecular depiction
WebMO iOS app
QChem version 4.2 - QCAUX
504 tiemout error on job submission
Slow webmo interface
WebMO 15 + NWchem 6.3 + uv-vis
WebMO + Gaussian error
How to restart a Gaussian job from checkpt file
WebMO 15 cannot find NWChem 6.6 executable
NWChem installation for noobs
Getting disk full messages for Gaussian 09
MOPAC2016 version 16.276L
Animate optimization in MOPAC2016
Gamess issue with NMR calculation?
Coordinate Scan Results
Restarting job I aborted
Your MOPAC206 license has expired
Z-Matrix Editing Not Working
MOPAC vib freq calc shows 'failed' though raw output is O...
Can we run MOPAC jobs through Webmo user interface?
WebMO Freezes Clients When > 1 Concurrent Users Submit to...
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