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WebMO Support Forum
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User Manager
Adding many users...
Adding a User Group
Moodle Authentication Possible?
LDAP error
Port users.db
Column headings in user list file
Active Directory Authentication
Allowing only subset of systems users with PAM auth
Group Manager
Job Manager
Job hangs; status "Running sec" (also "move to head" fail...
PBS interface problems
File locking problem on jobs database
Listing running jobs by servers
Pbs maximum run time
Job Manager has 120 "phantom" jobs qued
Which server is running the job?
Deleting large number of jobs
Daemon running previously completed jobs
Default number of jobs displayed
Jobs Queued but not running
Copy folders from one user to another?
Time of "Running" job displayed as 0.0 sec
Jobs terminating with: Job killed by daemon; job exceede...
Job Automatically Fails
Can't open user jobs as admin
Ordering of restored jobs
Adding flags to qsub
Slurm run_log error
Template Manager
System Manager
Job number limit
Remote server's scratch directory
External Authentication
CPU% specification missing?
Changing the number of CPU cores
Running jobs using more cores than "CPU cores" in System ...
GAMESS Administration on WebMO
Version Manager
Fragment Manager
Version Manager
Interface Manager
Limiting job options
Cannot set interface mgr
Two Gaussian interfaces
Setting of the Max Processors/node fails
Shared libraries
Configuring the GAMESS 2016
Installing Tinker?
Remote Server Manager (Pro)
Remote server requirements
Ssh vs rsh
Cannot add remote server
Bug in webmo pro 7.0?
Another bug in webmo-pro 7?
Cannot contact remote server error
Windows Remote Server is possible?
Could not contact remote server: host key verification fa...
TCP connect error: ECONNREFUSED when trying to use GAMESS
Deleting old job from nodes?
Using local servers as remote servers
Could not contact remote server: verify passwordless SSH/RSH
Parallel Q-Chem running under SSH, but max procs not set
Rapid ssh connections problem
"Cannot modify remote servers while daemon is running"...
port 22: Connection timed out
Ssh and nwchem
Host key verification failed
Batch Queue Manager (Enterprise)
Webmo does not clean up temp files--scratch space fills
Slurm - unable to specify partition
User Groups (Enterprise)
External Authentication (Enterprise)
SAML SSO or CAS authentication
Does WebMO store (encrypted) external passwords?
MOPAC atom limit?
WebMo Interface Error
Parallel NWChem
Window DEP?
Queue stops working
HELP! Tried to move data directories- now can't login!
Technical help needed
SGE Gaussian Interface on WebMO 12.1.004e
WebMO SGE won't run under user id
Group manager cannot logon - WebMO 12.1
Invalid filehandle errorLog
Apache Advice
Support Forum security graphic problems
Q-Chem "-save" option
QuantumEspresso support
Software Error
Group Job Visibility
Gamess Manager
NWChem - no nodes available
MOPAC library
WebMO Freezes Clients When > 8 Concurrent Users Submit to...
Possible Memory Leak in WebMO 17
Software error
Gaussian "09" for Gaussian 16
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