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WebMO App (Apple and Android)
Apple App Doesn’t Work Anymore Since Update to 1.7
App doesnt start anymore. IOS 12
WebMO Version 19.X
Bromine atom surface problem
GAMESS vibrational mode symmetries
Gaussian IRC animation is broken
Truncation error parsing scan energies
Number of filled orbitals ignores MCP
WebMO Version 18.X
Display of MO's using G16 Rev. B.01
Huckel MO
MOPAC2016 version18.305L - parsing vibration table
Vibration mode symmetry from GAMESS
PSI4 parsing issues
Display of MOs using GAMESS 02 AUG 2018 (R2)
WebMO Version 17.X
17.0.010e only shows (3 N_atoms - 1) vibrational modes...
WebMO Version 17.0.012e kills all jobs when SLURM control...
ED and ESP surfaces from NWChem DFT jobs
Memory Management Issues..!
Excessive number of folders corrupt user database record
Debian 9 / Perl issue on compute node?
PSI Completes but Webmo thinks it fails
Recovering queued, then killed, input files
Special characters in folder names
WebMO Version 16.X
ESP display
MOPAC MO energy - hartrees not ev
WebMO Version 15.X
NBO6 / Gaussian / WebMO 15.002e
WebMO 15.0.002 + Mopac 7 + Vibrational Frequencies
Trouble exporting .cub file from WebMO MOViewer v15
Gamess uv-vis parse errors
NMR Spectrum not working for ORCA
Problem with loading NMR Spectra
WebMO Version 14.X
User-Customizable Folder Creation
WebMO Version 13.X
Final Geometry Not Displayed After Geometry Optimization
Gaussian 09 rev D.01 - Mulliken charges display missing
Java warnings when accessing the molecule viewer
WebMO Version 12.X
IR Spectrum
Incorrect Bond Angle in GUI
Action -> Print: prints molecule not applet screen
One MO missing in output.mo
WebMO saves GBs of killed NWChem 6.1.1 jobs
WebMO Version 10.X
Name and charge not always updated
Importing mopac fails with extra newlines
"Add hydrogens" sometimes has very strange placement
Gaussian checkpoint files do not work
UHF in webmo output
GAMESS issue with symmetry
Problem with Biorthogonalize and UHF/UDFT orbitals
Lost x-coordinates using "symmetry=" keyword
WebMO Version 9.X
Login Failure
WebMO Version 8.X
WebMO Version 7.X
WebMO Version 6.X
WebMO Version 5.X
WebMO Version 4.X
WebMO fails to work correctly with most current GAMESS ve...
Safari 1.2.3 crashes hard when submitting a job
SGI IRIX5.5 daemon_webmo.cgi hangs
Basis conundrum
A problem while adding hydrogens
WebMO Version 3.X
Missing German Java Class
G98root, g94root, gaussianRoot
Running Mopac
Ever-growing globals.int file upon upgrading
Import WebMO archive fails
Login failure
Restart fails
Job name
Builder Problem?
Problem Importing a Filename with Hyphens
WebMO Viewer
Bug in mopac7 for linux
Error when attempt to 'Edit Profile'
Viewer applet fails to load with Netscape 7 (Linux)
Apache Reports class file not found
WebMO Version 2.X
WebMO Version 1.X
Job filter resets itself
Specifying Compound Methods
WebMO daemon and Gaussian compound methods
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