WebMO Help - External Database

Accessing External Databases

WebMO can serve as a portal for accessing information about molecules from other databases including:

From the Build Molecule or View Job page, choose Lookup: Databases and select the desired database. WebMO will lookup the displayed molecule and display the result in a new tab. Links in the displayed page can be followed for additional information.

Lookup Information from External Database for Toluene


A vast amount of information is available including:

Typical results from the various databases follow:

PubChem Results for Toluene


ChemSpider Results for Toluene


NIST Webbook Results for Toluene


Aldrich Results for Toluene


NMRShiftDB Results for Toluene


SDBS Spectral Database Results for Toluene

Chemical Safety Information

External databases can be used to access chemical safety information and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Important: WebMO does not warrant any accuracy of the displayed data. All safety data is generated and delivered by third-parties, who are responsible for the content.

PubChem Safety and Hazards Results for Toluene

Aldrich SDS Results for Toluene