WebMO Help - Fragment Manager

Using Fragments

Fragments are pre-defined structures (atoms and bonds) that can be inserted as a group with the 3D WebMO Editor.

Fragments are useful for saving time when building molecules (e.g., functional groups), or for providing examples of molecular structures (e.g., point groups).

Adding Fragments

The Fragment Manager allows the WebMO administrator to add fragments to the Fragment Library.

The source of a fragment must be an existing WebMO job. To add a fragment, specify the Job number from which to import the fragment geometry, specify a Category for the fragment, e.g., rings, and specify a Fragment name, e.g., benzene. Click the Submit button, and the fragment will be added to the Fragment Library.

WebMO Fragment Manager

Deleting Fragments

The WebMO Fragment Library is stored in
Fragments may be deleted by editing this file and removing them.