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October 17, 2019
Intel Fortran Compiler Installation Instructions for Linux

  1. Obtain Intel Fortran Compiler
    The Intel Fortran Compiler is a commercial software product available for commercial or academic purchase. However, Intel also offers a free non-commercial unsupported version that is identical to the commerical version except that it is unsupported by Intel. Register the free non-commercial unsupported version of Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux. You will be sent an email message with download information, an attached license file, and instructions for installing the product. Download the compiler (l_fc_p_7.1.008.tar, 81 MB) from the addressspecified in the email message.
  2. Optionally, register your compiler (even if it is the free version) at Intel Premier Support. Log in using your newly created login name and password, and download the latest version of the compiler (l_fc_pc_7.1.032.tar, 94 MB).
  3. If necessary, transfer the downloaded Intel Fortran Compiler tar file and the attached license file to your linux machine.
  4. Extract the Intel Fortran Compiler tar file into a new directory
      # mkdir l_fc_p_7.1.008
      # cd l_fc_p_7.1.008
      # tar xvf ../l_fc_p_7.1.008.tar
  5. Install license file
      #mkdir -p /opt/intel/licenses
      # cp l_for_????????.lic /opt/intel/licenses/
  6. Install the Intel Fortran Compiler
      # ./install
        choose platform 1. IA-32
        install package 1. Intel(R) Fortran Compiler
        read license agreement and type 'accept'
        hit Enter to install into /opt/intel
        hit Enter for "-U --replacefiles" options to rpm
        hit Enter when prompted type 'x' to Exit install program
  7. Clean up
      # cd ..
      # rm -rf l_fc_p_7.1.008
      # exit
  8. Compile and link a program
      $ source /opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/bin/ifcvars.sh
      $ ifc -c hello.f
      $ ifc -o hello hello.o
      $ ./hello
  9. Some useful compiler switches
      -w ignore warnings (very useful for fortran77 code)
      -Vaxlib link vax compatibility library
  10. Documentation
    For quick help on compiler options
      $ man ifc
    Complete documentation is found in
      /opt/intel/compiler70/docs/for_lib.pdf - Library Functions and Procedures Reference
      /opt/intel/compiler70/docs/for_prg.pdf - Fortran Language Reference
      /opt/intel/compiler70/docs/for_ug_lnx.pdf - User's Guide (Compiler Options)
  11. Workarounds
    1. If necessary for executables to run, add ifc libraries to dynamic linker list
        # vi /etc/ld.so.conf
        add the following line to this file
        # /sbin/ldconfig
    2. If "undefined reference to `__ctype_b'" errors occur upon linking
      download ctype.c
      # cc -c ctype.c
      # cp ctype.o /opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/lib/ctype.o
      # vi /opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/bin/ifc.cfg
      add "-Wl,/opt/intel/compiler70/ia32/lib/ctype.o" to the end of the first line of this file
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