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WebMO - Computational chemistry on the WWW
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WebMO 19.0 is now available for free download!

WebMO 19.0 Pro and Enterprise have a variety of additional features and is available for purchase.

The WebMO app is now available for iOS and Android.

February 16, 2020
WebMO Troubleshooting Guide

These instructions detail the WebMO troubleshooting process. This instructions use the WebMO diagnostic script, distributed with WebMO 3.3 and higher.

  1. Following the WebMO installation instructions through at least the command-line portion of the setup
  2. Run the WebMO diagnostic setup script
    % cd WebMO.install
    % perl diagnose.pl
  3. Follow the directions that are given in the diagnostic script
  4. When the script execution is complete view diagnose.html
    % netscape diagnose.html
  5. Any errors will be marked in red; brief instructions on how to fix the error are also given.
It is STRONGLY recommended that you install WebMO as a normal system user (i.e. not 'root') into the /home/username/public_html directory structure, using the directory names recommended by the installation script. Note that this will require a few small tweaks to the typically Apache configuration file, as outlined here.

The vast majority of configuration problems are Apache cgi-execution configuration problems, but are difficult to detect. The diagnostic script summarizes the relevant Apache configuration details, but may not detect all problems. More information regarding Apache configuration with regard to cgi-execution can be found in the WebMO Support section.

If you are unable to fix your configuration problem, please visit the WebMO Support Forum or send email to support@webmo.net. In order to help us better diagnose your configuration problem, please include the diagnose.html file as an email attachment.

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