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April 8, 2002
Volume 80, Number 14
CENEAR 80 14 p. 38
ISSN 0009-2347
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Software for Industry

PlantTriage sets a baseline level of performance in each area of a plant for future comparison, for example, to see if performance improves with changes that are made. For the assessment of each loop in the plant, the user can set a baseline of performance and a threshold not to be exceeded. With PlantTriage templates, users can set up baselines for a unit operation, a group of loops, or the entire plant. Default templates can be used or templates can be customized. ExperTune, http://www.expertune.com/

8014briefCADWorx/PIPE 3.20 is computer-assisted design (CAD) software for piping and plant design. It offers 2-D, 3-D, isometric, and process and instrumentation diagram capabilities. CADWorx also provides intelligent drawing/database connectivity, advanced levels of automation, easy-to-use drafting tools, and an intelligent link between CAD and stress analysis. This version includes a steel module that allows the user to model a variety of steel sections in 3-D. Coade, http://www.coade.com/


ARPM (automated rigorous performance monitoring) software is an online plant performance monitoring solution for the refining, chemical, and gas processing industries. ARPM is designed to enable plant engineers and managers to automatically access raw, real-time plant data and use rigorous simulation models to extract validated process and equipment performance information. It integrates simulation, data reconciliation, gross error detection, and performance monitoring into a single-user environment. Additionally, ARPM provides a scheduling system for automation of performance monitoring tasks. Simulation Sciences, http://www.simsci.com/%20homepage.stm

8014brief.leveli-Level Inventory Manager provides real-time silo levels at a glance. The software interfaces with Windows 95, 98, and NT to allow viewing of numerical and graphical data. The display can be customized to show pounds, gallons, feet, meters, or other units. The software allows inventory levels to be communicated to suppliers, eliminating the possibility of running out of material. Bindicator, http://www.bindicator.com/


ProSteam is modeling software that can be used as a design and simulation tool to examine current operation and to undertake "what-if" analyses to check on alternative operating conditions or to investigate the effect of installing new equipment. The model will determine the real cost of steam, quantify energy-related emissions, and establish battery-limit utility purchases. Linnhoff March, http://http://www.linnhoffmarch.com/.



Compendex Chemistry is an abstracts database covering international journal literature related to chemistry and chemical engineering. It is strongest in applied chemistry and analytical chemistry, but it also covers many other fields such as physical chemistry, health and safety, organic and inorganic chemistry, and materials science. The database includes over 250,000 records. Compendex Chemistry is free on ChemWeb for a trial period until June 1, after which it will be available through ChemVillage, http://www.chemvillage.org/.



WebMO is a Web-based interface to computational programs such as Gaussian, Gamess, and Mopac. The user draws a molecule using a 3-D editor, sets up the calculation, submits the job, and views the results graphically, all within a standard Web browser. The WebMO website has a working demo where anyone can run small jobs as well as a free download area, technical support for researchers, and curriculum support material for educators. WebMO is simple enough for undergraduate computational chemistry curriculum and flexible enough for computational chemistry research. It is free and can be installed on nearly any Unix or Linux system. http://www.webmo.net/

i-mass.com is an international mass spectrometry Web resource. It presents news and feature articles related to mass spectrometry and provides conference and career links. This month's top feature, Expanding the Genetic Code, describes how scientists in Japan have used mass spectrometry to show that an unnatural base pair in messenger RNA can incorporate new amino acids into proteins. The Journal Watch section points out three journal articles of interest to mass spectrometrists. There is also a section on business news, as well as links to MS journals. http://i-mass.com/


The CHEMiCALC for Palm OS (version 2.0) handheld chemical calculator allows users to explore the Element Properties database, to graph periodic trends of 18 element properties, to write a chemical formula by tapping directly on the element symbols in the on-screen periodic table and on the digits and other symbols, and to write and balance chemical equations. The program automatically handles subscripts. The Analyze button calculates the formula weight, condensed formula, percent composition, and weight percentage. A stoichiometry calculator for mass/mole or solution calculations is included. The calculation setups and results can be copied into the MemoPad. Menu Help is available.Chemical Concepts, http://www.chemsw.com/C3palm.htm

Digital Briefs is written by Janet Dodd, who can be reached at j_dodd@acs.org.

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