WebMO Help - Exporting Jobs

Output File

The raw output file of a job can be exported from the View Job page by clicking the Raw Output link in the left panel to open the raw output in a new tab. Then click Save As... to download the output fikle to the local computer.

Note that only the output file is saved, not any auxiliary files that might have been created along with the output file. To view and/or download all of the files associated with a job, click the All files link in the left panel in WebMO Pro or Enterprise.

Output files can be imported as new jobs into WebMO.

Save Raw OutputFile

WebMO Job Archive

A WebMO Job Archive is a tar/tgz (linux, OS X) or zip (Windows) file of the directory from which a WebMO job was run. As such it contains everything about a WebMO job, i.e., input file, output file, auxiliary files, webmo data, etc.

From Job Manager, select one or more jobs, choose Download: Job Archive, and save the file (archive###.tar) locally.

To import a WebMO job archive, from Job Manager choose New Job: Import Job, select WebMO archive for Import Type, choose Browse... to select a file, and click Continue. The jobs in the archive will be imported as new jobs.

Download WebMO Job Archive

Use a WebMO Job Archive when archiving jobs or moving jobs from one WebMO instance to another. It contains everything about the job!

HTML Archive

The View Job page can be exported into a *.tar file, which can then be uploaded to web server and expanded for subsequent viewing. The *.tar file contains not only the data but also the files necessary for the page to look exactly like it would were it to be accessed from a WebMO server instance. This makes it possible to view the results of calculations on a webserver without having to install an instance of WebMO itself.

From Job Manager, select one or more jobs, choose Download: HTML Export, and save the file (export###.tar) locally. Upload the file to a webserver and expand it (tar -xf export###.tar) with the web directory (typically ~/public_html). The resulting link (export###/job_###.html) will allow users to view the webpage as if it were within a WebMO instance.