WebMO Help - Moving WebMO

Moving WebMO to a Different Server

There are three directory structures that must be archived and transferred to the new location: the WebMO cgi-bin directory, the WebMO HTML directory, and the WebMO user directory. The locations of these directories can be found in the globals.int file, under the entries cgiBase, htmlBase, and userBase, respectively.

  1. Create a tar file of these three directories:
    $ cd /home/smith
    $ tar czf webmo_backup.tgz {cgiBase} {htmlBase} {userBase}
  2. Transfer the backup to a new location, and extract these three directories:
    $ cd /home/jones
    $ tar xzf webmo_backup.tgz
  3. Update the following 5 entries by editing the globals.int file with a text editor to reflect the new directory locations:
    • cgiBase
    • htmlBase
    • userBase
    • url_cgiBase
    • url_htmlBase
  4. Login as the WebMO administrator and make any other necessary changes to reflect the system configuration or engine locations.
  5. Login as a regular WebMO user and run a test job.