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Registering for a Forum Account

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To post on the WebMO Support Forum, you must have a Forum account. To get an account:
  • Click the Register link
  • Supply the requested information and click Submit
  • Check your email for the registration email
  • Click the supplied link in the registration email to activate your account
At this point, you are a newly registered member. You may login to the Forum with your Forum username and password immediately and create a New Topic or Post Reply. However, your first post must be approved by the forum administrator before it will appear on the board. (This is to prevent spam posting.)

After your first post has been approved, you will become a regular member, and your posts will be appear immediately without administrative approval.

Note: The Forum "notifies" you when your first post has been approved with its own notification center, and NOT via email. To monitor your notifications, login to the Forum, and click the Notifications link.

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