WebMO Help - What Is WebMO?

What is WebMO?

WebMO is a web-based interface for computational chemistry programs. WebMO allows one to set up, run, and visualize chemical calculations from a web browser, smartphone, or tablet.

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Why Use WebMO?

The goal of WebMO software is to promote the use of state-of-the-art computational chemistry in teaching and research.

WebMO accomplishes this goal by:

WebMO is ideal for:

Where is WebMO Installed?

WebMO installs on a server computer (Linux/unix, Mac, or Windows). Computational chemistry software to be used is also installed on the server. After a one-time installation, WebMO is accessed and administered from modern web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) on any computer (Windows, Mac, Linux/unix). WebMO can also be accessed from the WebMO app on an Apple iPhone or iPad or on an Android smartphone or tablet.

How Much Does WebMO Cost?

WebMO Basic is FREE. Thousands of chemists have downloaded and use WebMO Basic. WebMO Basic provides an integrated 3-D molecular editor for structure input, interfaces to run jobs on many popular computational chemistry programs, and graphical and text visualization of results.

Two commercial upgrades to WebMO Basic are available. WebMO Pro has features beyond WebMO Basic that support additional computational, visualization, and job management capabilities for serious education, research, or commercial users. WebMO Enterprise has features beyond WebMO Pro to support large numbers of users and cluster computers.

The WebMO App for iOS and Android portable devices is free. All app features are available for molecules with less than 10 atoms. Several features require an in-app purchase for larger molecules.