WebMO Help - Displaying Jobs

Job Manager

The Job Manager is the initial window that a user encounters upon loggin in to WebMO. The left panel displays user information and the list of folders. The top menu is for creating and managing jobs. The main part of the page lists jobs that have been run or submitted.

WebMO Job Manager

Job Management Functions

From the Job Manager, a user can:

Displaying Jobs

The Job Manager displays jobs within selected folder in numerical order with most recent (largest number) at the top. Job Number, Name, Description, Date, Status, Time, and possible Actions are displayed.

The folder being displayed is highlighted in the left panel. To display a different folder, click the folder name in the left panel.

Filtering Jobs

By default, all the jobs within the folder are displayed. It is sometimes useful to filter the jobs to be displayed. Select filter criteria from the dropdown menus at the top of various columns and then click the filter icon (). Useful filter combinations include:

Searching Jobs

Jobs can also be searched for keywords that appear in the name, notes, or parsed output by using the search function in the left panel. Searches can apply to the displayed jobs, jobs in the current folder, or all jobs.

Viewing Job Progress or Results

The output file of a job that is running or the results of a completed job can be viewed by clicking the job Name of the View job icon ().