WebMO News

WebMO is continually enhancing its software products by adding new capabilities, expanding compatibililty, and providing support and resources for our userbase. Our latest changes follow!

WebMO Version 20 is Released!

New or updated features in WebMO 20 include:

There have been no price increases to WebMO software since it was first commercially released in 2003. But our development and support expenses have increased markedly since then. So:

WebMO in the Cloud

WebMO can be installed and run in the Cloud for as little as $1/day! Furthermore, one doesn't pay for a cloud instance when it is not running. This makes WebMO in the Cloud ideal for instructional use, e.g., for a computational chemistry lab that might run for only 2 weeks each year.

WebMO provides instructions and automated installation scripts for Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services

WebMO on Windows

The traditional installation of WebMO Basic/Pro on Windows as a native process will be deprecated in WebMO 21. Starting with WebMO 20, Windows is being supported through the Windows Subsystem for Linux (part of Windows 10). This allows for support of WebMO Basic/Pro/Enterprise, a much wider choice of computational engines, and no need to install third-party Perl and Apache within Windows.

See the new instructions for installing WebMO using Windows Subsystem for Linux.

WebMO Online Workshop

The Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators Workshop (June 1-10) is moving online this summer! These workshops are a great way to learn about computational chemistry, incorporate computational chemistry into the undergraduate curriculum, and develop remote learning exercises for your students. See our Workshop list for details. Spots are still available!