Privacy Policy

WebMO App Privacy Policy

The iOS and Android WebMO apps do not collect, transmit, or distribute any personally identifiable information.

WebMO Server Privacy Policy

In order to request a WebMO Basic license, users provide their name, organization, and email address. During the installation process, users can optionally register their WebMO server, which reports the version, license number, and URL.

When using Version Manager within a WebMO server to determine whether an updated version exists, the WebMO server transmits the version, license number, URL, jobs run, and platform.

This information is not sold, shared, or used beyond WebMO LLC.

WebMO Website Privacy Policy

The WebMO webserver logs the IP address, browser version, and referrer of clients (if provided by the client). This is default behavior for all webservers running apache webserver software. Access logs are automatically deleted from the WebMO webserver after five weeks.

WebMO Customer Privacy Policy

Individuals may optionally sign up to be on the WebMO mailing list by providing their name, affiliation, and email address.

WebMO LLC maintains records of the name, orgnization, email address, and licensed version for all WebMO Pro and Enterprise customers. WebMO LLC also has records of invoices and payments for all license purchases.

Except for organization, this information is not sold, shared, or used beyond WebMO LLC.