WebMO in Education

Ethane HOMO
Ethane HOMO

Exploring Chemistry with Electronic Structure Methods (3rd Edition) by James Foresman and AEleen Frisch is a textbook that explains how to use the Gaussian software engine to explore molecular systems and chemical reactions. Detailed instructions for preparing input files and visualizing results with WebMO are included.

The Computational Chemistry for Chemistry Educators website provides lectures and labs on basic computational chemistry concepts with instructions for WebMO.

The Virtual Inorganic Pedagogical Electronic Resource (VIPEr) website has in-class activities and lab experiments on inorganic chemistry topics with instructions for WebMO.

Classroom-Tested WebMO Exercises

WebMO Experiments Developed at Hope College

Lecture Notes and Assignments

The following give an example of a 1/2 semester WebMO/Gaussian-based introductory computational chemistry course.