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April 7, 2020
f2c / f77 Installation Instructions for Linux

  1. f2c / f77 background
    f2c is a fortran77-to-c source code translator. Because f2c is written in c and its ouput is c, both of which can be compiled natively on unix operating systems, f2c offers a very transportable compiler solution for compiling fortran programs. f2c also offers a means of converting large fortran libraries, such as LAPACK, into c. f2c is still actively maintained and is available at http://www.netlib.org/f2c/.

    The original f77 program, which was written in c, was the first complete fortran77 compiler. The original f77 program is no longer available for current computer architectures. However, f2c is based on the original f77 program, and the f2c distribution contains a f77 wrapper script that combines the f2c translation and c compilation steps. The f77 script also supports many command line options commonly associated with fortran compilers. Since the f77 script calls f2c, which in turn is based upon the original f77 program, the f77 script within the f2c distribution represents the most current implementation of the original f77 program.

  2. Download installation script
    Download install_f2c_linux.csh which is the following script
    #! /bin/csh
    setenv INSTALL /usr/local
    curl "http://netlib.sandia.gov/cgi-bin/netlib/netlibfiles.tar?filename=netlib/f2c" -o "f2c.tar"
    tar -xvf f2c.tar
    gunzip -rf f2c/*
    cd f2c
    mkdir libf2c
    mv libf2c.zip libf2c
    cd libf2c
    unzip libf2c.zip
    cp makefile.u Makefile
    cp f2c.h $INSTALL/include
    cp libf2c.a $INSTALL/lib
    cd ../src
    cp makefile.u Makefile
    cp f2c $INSTALL/bin
    cd ..
    mkdir -p $INSTALL/man/man1
    cp f2c.1t $INSTALL/man/man1
    cp fc $INSTALL/bin/f77
    chmod +x $INSTALL/bin/f77
    cd ..
    rm -rf f2c
    echo "==================SUMMARY=================="
    echo $0 " has built and installed:"
    find $INSTALL -name '*f2c*' -mmin -5
    find $INSTALL -name '*f77*' -mmin -5
  3. Run installation script
      # chmod +x install_f2c_linux.csh
      # ./install_f2c_linux.csh
    which will produce the following files:
  4. Translate, compile, link, and run a program
      $ f2c hello.f
      $ gcc -c hello.c
      $ gcc -o hello hello.o -lf2c -lm
      $ ./hello
    Or combine these into a single command
      $ f77 -o hello hello.f
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